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I was living in the dorm of ISU. On my floor the stairway opened up onto a lounge with 3 rooms off either side of the lounge. This floor was coed so 1 side was women and one side was men. I made friends with 3 of the girls that lived across the way.

Jen and Val were both very cute petite blonde girls. Always bubbly and cheerful. Rachel was a brunette, about 5’7” and weighed maybe 110 lbs. Jen and Val both weighed less than a hundred. I had used the back walking trick as much as I could over the semester. They were very used to me asking them to walk on my back to “crack” it. They never knew how much I really enjoyed it and that I wished they would walk on the front too, or so I thought.

I usually got the best back walking after they had been out drinking at the parties. Jen and Val usually wore their shoes so as to increase the “pressure points” and therefore the therapeutic value, at least that’s what I told them. They would wobble and step all over my back and a couple of times they even stepped on my head accidentally. Rachel and I would trade favors, she would walk on my back and I would rub her feet. Of course they both seemed like my favors J.

Anyway Jen and Val came home one Friday night towards the end of the semester, tipsy as hell. They came over to my room to hang out for awhile. It wasn’t long before I complained about my back hurting and they of course offered to help. Jen had on a black shirt and jeans. On her feet were ankle high black leather boots with a lug platform sole and big chunky heels. Val had on a brown skirt and white shirt. Her legs were covered with brown tights, and on her feet were black high heeled loafers. The heel was about 3 inches high and about an inch around. I laid down between the futon and the entertainment center as usual, Jen grabbed the E.C. for balance and climbed on. She started walking around bouncing a little bit to crack my back. After about 5 minutes she looked down and said. It’s not cracking” I told her it was really tight so it might take awhile.

“What if we both walked on you at the same time” Val chimed in.

I couldn’t answer for a second because I thought maybe I was dreaming, then I told her might help. So then Val joined Jen on my back. Jen was walking in place on my shoulder area while Val was on the small of my back. I heard Jen laugh at a joke Val had told and she swayed she stumbled forward. The edge of her sole caught my nose and lips sideways as her shoe came down. She stood on the side of my nose and lips for a second then drew back quick. “Sorry” she said. I told her I was so relaxed I barely felt it.

They went back to it. About 5 minutes after that Jen said “break time” and her and Val just plopped onto the futon with their feet still on my back. I asked if they were done. “Is your back better?” Val asked. Not really I told them. Jen said “We’ll do some more in a little bit I’m tired”. I was dumbstruck. I didn’t know whether to get up and wait or just stay down here and wait. Guess what I did? I stayed there and started watching TV with them.

“Doesn’t it hurt with both of us on you in shoes.” Val asked. I told them it was like the best masseuse in town. I decided to add I only wish I could get a massage like that on my whole body, my chest is sooo sore.

“Turn over and we’ll do the other side if it doesn’t hurt.”

I wanted to pinch myself, as I turned over, to see if this was real. Jen stood up with her feet across my chest and turned to face me. Val sunk into my stomach as she turned to face Jens back. “That doesn’t hurt” Jen asked with a question in her eyes. I barely feel you there I told her. They started walking around a little bit. Jen kind of marching in place on my chest and Val slowly lifting one foot as the other sinks into my gut then repeating. Jen turned around to face Val and continued marching.

After a few minutes they got more comfortable and started to walk on my legs and arms. I half closed my eyes to give the impression that I was relaxed. Jen was on my chest going from my right shoulder to my left and Val was going from my left leg to my right leg when Val’s sole landed right on my Hard member. She stood on it full weight as she walked across my groin area. My eyes snapped open. I was afraid that my little ruse was up. She continued down my right leg as if nothing happened. Jen stood on my chest, after finishing my arm, facing Val. Val made her way up my leg and stopped on my gut again. Her left heel was directly on the head of my member. She stayed there as she told a joke. Slowly sinking in and unconsciously shifting her weight around. I thought it was going to pop from the pressure.

Just then Jen laughed at the punch line and stepped back, her heel landed in the middle of my forehead and her sole smashed into my nose and lips. I felt her wobble for a second then her other foot swung back. My face became distorted under her lug soles as her full weight was transferred to my face. She wobbled there for what seemed like forever then my head turned to the right and her boot slid off my face as she fell. “Oh my god” Val screamed as she stepped forward instinctively to try and catch Jen. Luckily she stepped forward with the heel that was torturing me. That foot landed in the middle of my chest the next landed right beside my head as she went to Jen.

I laid there in heaven for awhile as Val made sure that Jen was OK. “And I was worried about hurting you!” Jen said laughing. Apparently they had no idea where they had just tread. I told them that so far it was the best massage ever. “Your not done yet?” asked Val. I said I could do it forever. They just laughed and sat down on the futon plopping their feet up on my chest and stomach. Val on my chest and Jen on my stomach. They stayed that way for like 10 minutes when I heard a little snore. I lifted my head and saw them sleeping over the edge of the futon.

As I laid my head down Rachel walked in. She was wearing a black shirt and a black miniskirt with black nylons on. She had on knee high black leather boots with a thick wedge style sole. Like 3 inches thick at the toe and 4 or more at the heel. She just stood there for a minute taking in the situation. I smiled up at her and asked her what was up. “Been out partying. What is going on here?” I tried to fumble through an explanation. She just shrugged her shoulders a little half way through my explanation and went over and sat down on the end of the futon. Her feet landed squarely in my groin. My member had gone soft after Jens fall. So she didn’t feel my shaft under her soles. “Mind if I watch some TV?” I told her no. I just lay there for a minute wondering how this dream came true.

Val shifted in her sleep and moved her foot her loafer sole landed on my mouth with her heel digging into my chin. That made my manhood stir and wake up. Rachel crossed her legs with one foot right on my hardening member. It got big fast and Rachel rolled it back and forth twice then she leaned forward and looked down at me. She had a puzzled look on her face. I couldn’t say anything with Vals sole smashing my mouth. I just looked at her with pleading in my eyes. She stared for a second then got a grin on her face. She uncrossed her legs and pulled her feet apart and looked at my obviously swollen crotch with the wet spot on my pants.

She stood straddling my waist and grinned down at me. She Lifted one foot and put it right on my cock. I just lay there helpless looking up at her. She lifted her other foot and put it down next to the one on my dick. She started to slowly walk in place, one boot sole would crush my cock as she stepped then it would be released as she stepped right next to it. She just grinned down at me as she slowly smashed my cock. It was so hard that it only felt good.

When I was close to losing it. Jen groggily woke up and mumbled something, bringing me back to reality. Rachel stopped with her boot on my member and the other one hovering. “What’s that hon” Rachel asked Jen. She said something I couldn’t hear and Rachel said “Just wake up Val and go on home.”

I froze, my eyes widened, I didn’t want to be caught like this. Rachel started walking again as Jen leaned over and woke up Val. Val sat forward putting more pressure on her shoe sole. Her eyes weren’t even open as she tried to stand up. She stood with one foot smashing my lips and one on my chest. She yawned and stretched upward twisting on my face. Then she stepped off toward the door.

Jen stood up then right on my stomach. Rachel was still walking in place on my groin. Jen looked down at me and stared with this vacant half asleep look on her face. She stepped up on my chest and was looking right in my eye as her other boot swung forward onto my face. Her heel crushed into my lips and the sole covered up my left eye and fore head. As all her weight swung forward as she was walking her eyes started looking for the next place to step and I realized that she didn’t even see me there. I was just another part of the floor.

Her other foot came crashing down on my face as she groggily realized she was on a step or something and had to change her stride for the change. Just then I shot my load. I was still shooting as Jen stepped off my face and continued out the door. Rachel stared down at me bucking under her boots. When I had finished my spasms. She stepped forward to my chest. I was speechless. She wiped her feet slowly on my chest. “I hope you had a good night.” She said as she stared at me. She walked forward and stepped in the middle of my face as she strode out the door.

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One thought on “Real story (mostly) – part 1 10 min read

  1. I have to admit to the fact that I didn’t write the story. It was something that I have saved over the years. Don’t remember who the original author was. I saved the story either from MDFF, or Daddo’s old forum. That’s where most of the stories that I have saved came from.

    Just an FYI.

    I wish that I were that good of an author!!


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