Miss Onopka hand crush 4 min read

written by Mat11
original source of the story was Unknown source


Age seven was a productive year for me in terms of hand and finger trample. I knew my fascination with ladies high heels was unusual, and I couldn’t precisely understand why they drove me mad, but I took every opportunity to get close to them.

At Elementary School (2nd Grade)

Ah, Miss Onopka. She was a tall woman (particularly to a 7 year old), long blond hair the draped over her shoulders. She always wore smart skirt suits or pant suits, and always accompanied these with closed-toe leather pumps. At least twice-a-week we would watch films, and I always made sure to lay near Miss Onopka’s feet. Well, on one such occasion as the lights went down and our film started I casually slid my hand near Miss Onopka’s brown high heeled shoes. These were thin, with probably a 2 ½ inch heel.

I was quite industrious and clever at that age and I kept my notebook in my hand as I moved closer. Before I knew it Miss Onopka shifted and her heel landed on my notebook and pen. Of course she looked down to make sure it wasn’t me. She smiled, “Watch you book, I don’t want to ruin it.” She said. “That’s okay. Actually would you make circles with your heels in it? I’ll color them in later.” I responded, quietly as the film continued. Again she smiled, “Sure.” She said and put her heel back on the notebook.

I was trembling with excitement as I saw her continuously land and twist her heel into my book. I looked up I saw she was engrossed in the film. Because my hand was about the same thickness of the notebook I figured my plan might work. I cautiously slid my hand next to the notebook and pushed each time she lifted her heel. Eventually, her heel was at bottom of the notebook and right next to my hand.

Suddenly her heel slid back and landed on my outstretched hand. I prepared myself for her discovery, but no, she didn’t realize. I studied her heel as she forced more weight on the thin spike. The pain was sharp, but not too bad. Then she began to twist, I could feel the skin tighten and pull. It hurt, but I was way too excited. Then she lifted her heel and lowered it onto another spot on my hand, again the twist. The room got very dark during one scene. “Quiet Tommy!” I heard Miss Onopka say to Tommy Ross. All the time she lifted and lowered her heel onto my battered hand.

I think she liked the feeling of my “notebook” (hand). Then the unthinkable, she stood up to watch the class, as some of the boys were talking. I thought her heel would impale me. The pain was excruciating; I bit my lower lip and started to get the cold sweats. I prayed for her to get off. She lifter her heel for a second, then it came down harder and further back. Tears started to well up in my eyes. I looked up at this loving, care-giving, woman. She looked ahead at the boys up front and the movie, completely oblivious to me in pain beneath her heel.

It got worse; she completely started twisting again on my hand. I felt the skin tear. My instant impulse was to pull my hand out, but when I tried I couldn’t budge. Won’t this end? I asked shaking and crying to myself. Then I saw her lift her other foot and place it on my hand. She had both her heels on my hand and the sole of her left foot was crushing my fingers. I looked up again. How could she not notice? After about thirty seconds she stepped off to have words with Tommy. I looked at my hand it was bleeding and there were five deep dark purple craters on the top. I had a difficult time squeezing it for the next few days, but there was no permanent damage. It was probably the most painful thing I experienced up to that point in my life, yet when the next opportunity presented itself, my hand was right there again….

Hope you enjoyed that! I look forward to reading your experiences from childhood.


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