Lesbian Birthday Party 10 min read

written by Kevincarpet
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums


Another Kevincarpet story from back in the day.

Also included at the end are a few comments from readers about the story & Kevin’s responses.


What a crazy time..This party had a stilt walking girl..Fire eating girls and lots of go-go’s….

Ok, so when I got there another carpet friend was there too (which was great cause he drove me home later). There was room here for 2 party carpets..My other carpet friend took the side of the bar (also a small but busy spot..)

The promoter came by 10ish..she let us in (it was her birthday bash.. The deal was since another party was going on in the big room her guests would mingle and hang out in the small bar area first then at 1am would head to the big room and close the small bar area.. My whole body fit perfectly in front of the small bar. My head was by the left end where people would order drinks and check their coats too…my legs fit to the wall by the opposite end.

I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into..when the doors opened up by 11pm…

First off it was very dark down where I was and if you looked down you had to look very hard to see a face. The very 1st few ladies went right for the coat check and kicked my head in doing so (I knew right then this was going to be an interesting carpet experience).The line in the coat check was pretty long I had people rest their feet on my head and chest while they waited (the head probably felt like a hard surface for them…)

I knew I was in deep trouble when after the end of the bar area was getting crowded people were now walking on my head to get to the bar to order drinks..

Believe me this small area was now 3 or 4 deep with women waiting in back of each other to get drinks..My whole body was filled up seriously..The ladies would tap my upper chest to feel a hard surface and stand up to my neck..My head was the only thing I was worried about…I had a few heels almost go in my eye..(I quickly put my bag and coat over my head to make it see like someone just put their bags down there)

People were now all over me from my feet to my head and then there were the ladies standing on the side of my body to wait their turn..

Now I was seriously getting claustrophobic….legs shoes people all over on and around me….They didn’t seem to care and just put their foot on the chest and not head. At one point I wanted to scream and get out of this situation…seriously..

Some of the ladies would just hang on the carpet and just talk to friends so the others had to squeeze in and push their way to the bar..AND as soon as a few got off me…..MORE CAME ON….

My head was uncovered at this time and I was trying to see who was on me…What kind of girls…Some gorgeous blonde and her friend was on my middle area..She wore heeled boots I couldn’t see what her friend was wearing..Most of the ladies as far as I could tell from where I was and what I could see were wearing heeled boots and sneakers…..That seemed to be the majority….

I heard the dj announce the main room will be opened by 1am… This seemed to take forever…..

Still no rest for the weary…I loved all the weight on me but it was my head it was being kicked and stomped a few times…( they would kick something on the floor and see if it was hard and then put their foot on it or stand on it…

Now the dj announced happy birthday to Nikki, and that their was fire eaters there tonite, stilt walkers and carpetmen….

Finally the room was starting to get a little thinner…The main room was open Lesbian Birthday Party but now it was only 2 deep to get drinks where I was..I heard the bartender say this bar is closing after this use the main room bar…

There was now 4 ladies on me and my head was out and my arms out. they looked down at me while still standing on me and said you all right? smiled at me and got their drinks and walked off me…

When all were off me I laid there for a bit and crawled out…

My friend said to me that he had many people on him to and his forehead was bruised cause some girl twisted her heel as she was walking off him and left a big mark..He also told me that it was never ending for him to..and he was worried about getting a heel in his eye…

We both got up and the bartenders said you guys are crazy…They gave us a few bottled waters and escorted my friend and I in the big room to lay our carpets there..The bar was soooooooooooooo much longer but it was filled to the brim already..The 1st bar was about 6 ft..My exact size…This main bar was like 20 feet long…

Since it was so crowded my friend laid down first in the middle of the room I was close by..as security asked the ladies to please let the carpets in..This room was so much brighter so people saw us both with ease…

I could see the shoes very well..This cute girl had silver thin heeled boots she asked me if she could stand on me I said why of course…

Some of the ladies looked very butch others looked very feminine.. These two lovers one wore black boots the other pink converse stood on my tummy and middle section looked down at me jumped hard a number of times then they got their drinks and started kissing on me …

I had three people on me now with many others walking across my whole body to get to the other side of the club..(this was fun I was like a walkway)

Some girls bent down and said what you doing down there? Some laughed…Some asked if they could stand on me..others kicked me a number of times and stomped the carpets then jumped on me…

I had one beautiful girl sitting on a stool by me she asked me if I wanted a drink I said no not now thanx…I asked her if she wanted to stand on the carpets, she said no and smiled..She wore leather black pumps with a thin heel..(an hour or so later after a few drinks she got on me, but took off her shoes so she could dance)

There was a metal foot rest by the bar, so some of the ladies got on me and had one foot on and one foot on the rest but walked on me as they got off…

Girls were taking out their cameras so I gave the thumbs up and smiled from inside the carpets..Later in the nights girls were dancing on me and some did humping motions over my head – thats when people took even more pics…

(doubt I could get any pics since I couldn’t speak to anyone till I got out of the mats.)

I still loved the fact that I was a walk way..Even while I had a bunch of girls on me..people still walked from my foot to my chest and walked right off..

By 3:45 AM the place was getting pretty empty…..We both got out of our carpets. my knees and legs were sooooo sore…I was limping a bit…

The birthday girl thanked us.. We asked her if we can do this again.. She said sure..She would talk with her partners..and call us…..

as we were walking up the stairs I overhead some friends of the promoter asking her..what was with the guys in the carpet…she told them we were there to stand on..she then told the promoter Thats good cause I was jumping on them..

another girl said they were fun…So who knows….

I usually write my posts as soon as I get home but last night I put on my computer went to have something to drink and wanted to just lay down for 5 minutes but I didn’t get up till 7 hours later…


What is really amazing about this experience Kevin is that this was not a fetish party, and yet all of these women had absolutely no problem walking all over you and your friend, even on your heads and faces without the carpets. How could it be that they had no hesitation, particularly in shoes and heels? Yeah they are lesbians, but this is sure one unusual birthday party. How did they check in their inhibitions right in the coat room, before they had any drinks? Have they all done this to you before?


I go to a local goth club on Sunday nights and get regularly trampled. No carpet scenes as I don’t think the management would go for it but most of the girls I ask or my friends ask have no problem stepping on me in heels. If women see other women doing it and the guy is ok then I think that in itself removes the majority of their inhibitions.


I could totally see this happening. I have some bitchy NY women who are neighbors – the power business-woman types. If they had to step on some guy to get their drinks, they wouldn’t think about it for 2 seconds – even if they were wearing spikes. They’d be like “whatever” and go back to their cell phone conversation while standing on him. Total heartless, uncaring bitches. Multiply that by 1 million in NYC.


To be totally honest it was very dark down where we were laying so it was nothing for them to stampede the carpets..But what shocked me was that when I had to push a few heels away from my face, after they took out their cell phone to see what was down their..Most all of them said..hey theres a guy down there and just moved their feet to the part of the carpet where the chest was….

I did get up once, my foot was in a great deal of pain, and had to walk around a bit..I had to get everyone off me and they all saw me get up..When I returned the carpet still had tons of people on it when I got back..And when the security came with me to say to the ladies to please move off the carpets for a sec so the carpet guy can get back in….I was truly amazed the ladies stared at me ,and the ones that didn’t know I was down there by the legs now knew..BUT….AS SOON AS I CRAWLED BACK IN EVERYONE!!!! STEPPED BACK ON..IT WAS AMAZING…They all just wanted to get drink from this tiny bar and didn’t care what they stood on….Amazing time..

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One thought on “Lesbian Birthday Party 10 min read

  1. yes I absolutely love this kind of scenes!
    would prefer so to be without the carpet and thus bare skin :>)

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