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written by mip1980
original source of the story was Unknown source


Hi again folks, this is another moment of being in the right place at the right time.

During my final year at school I got a lot of trample experience especially from those hormone raged girls, at the moment only one really sticks out.

I was walking down one of the corridors with my mate and we were chatting about wrestling ( hey I I was only sixteen at the time!) and who was tougher than who, the conversation started to get a bit heated and the debate turned onto who was tougher out of me and him. I knew he was because he weighed about twenty stone, but still, I wasn’t going to back down. I pushed him for a joke and we got into a playfight scuffle, at first I seemed to have the upper hand, then all of a sudden he picked me up and just threw me over his shoulder. I landed on my back which really hurt, I lay there for a split second completely stunned.

As lay there I could hear someone running towards me. As I went to get up I heard a girls voice shout ‘ hold him down’, my mate pinned my arms down with his knees and I couldn’t move. Then I saw Samantha coming towards me at great speed, she was wearing her usual trademark pleated mini skirt and three inch high heeled shoes. She was stunning and in anticipation I flexed my stomach muscles for the stomping in prospect, sure enough as soon as she approached me she just walked right onto my stomach.

She was so light it was unbelievable, she just stood on me for a while before asking why we were fighting. My friend told her about our macho debate and how i’d lost, she looked down at me and smirked ‘ well, you can’t be that tough if i’ve got you under my heels

”Yeah, well’ I replied ‘ it’s not like you got me down is it?’

‘True, but it’s not like you’re in a position to argue either is it? This is what I call, checkmate’

Then she started bouncing up and down on my stomach, but to be honest it didn’t hurt at all.

‘Doesn’t that hurt?’


‘Well then maybe you should just lick the bottom of my shoe instead’ she said as she waved her left foot right over my face. I could smell the leather, she was rubbing the sole of her shoe all over my face. But just to make it look like I wasn’t enjoying it I suddenly turned my body to one side forcing her to come crashing down on top of me, she got up and went to stand on me again but I wriggled free and managed to get away laughing crazily as I did.

‘Don’t worry , i’ll get you again when you least expect it.’
and retribution was swift and hard but i’ll tell you about that another day, keep the replies coming and i’ll see you soon.


Welcome again folks as I talk about the violent retribution awaiting me the day after the last chapter, Samantha had not forgotten the little promise she had made.

During my final year at school I was forced to join the delinquents on a free period. Usually during this lesson we had a support teacher giving us advice on other subjects that we might be struggling in, but today was different. Our support teacher was ill so we were let into an empty classroom and trusted to get on with our work by ourselves, luckily for me, I was the only male in this small class of seven. Samantha was there and so to was kim and Amanda, all three were stunningingly fit.

So there we were, three vixens, one boy and an empty classroom. ( the other girls had left to go for a cigarette ) I put my earphones on and started to do some sketching, totally ignoring the girls. About ten minutes later they all gathered around me and instantly I knew I was in trouble, Samantha smiled at me in a mischievous way. Then before I knew it they had bundled me off my chair, I landed face first on the cold classroom floor and as I tried to get up Amanda placed one foot on my back.

‘We’ve been told about the pummeling Sam gave you yesterday and apparently it didn’t hurt you, well we wanna try and hurt you all together’ said Amanda.

She took her foot off my back and bent down grabbing my right arm and forcing me to roll onto my back, she dug her knees into my chest and stomach while at the same time Kim walked around to my head and trapped my head in between her ankles as she stood over me. (and yes I could see her nickers, but then so had half the town, these girls all probably lost their virginities at the age of twelve and yes they were slappers.) So with my head sandwiched in between Kim’s ankles ( which felt really nice with Kims silk stockings ) and Amanda holding me down by practically kneeling on me Sam walked over, placed one high heeled foot on my chest and said.

‘ Look at this girls, I’m gonna walk all over him and he aint gonna flinch one bit.’ and with that she stood right up on me, one foot on my chest and the other in my face so I couldn’t see anything. Then I heard Amanda say ‘ Hey let me try that but don’t get off!’ and sure enough I felt her knees lift and a warm shoeless foot get placed on my stomach, then the other foot was placed on my right leg. While all this was going on, I was bricking it thinking that someone was going to walk in at any moment, how could I explain myself. Three petit, light and very attractive girls overpowering a twelve stone guy who’s been doing weights since I was five. Luckily though no-one did intervene, plus it got better.

Sam removed her right foot from my face so that I could see them both walking on me, one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.
Then Amanda said, ‘ Seriously though, this doesn’t hurt at all?
‘nope’ I replied ‘ well your stomach is hard and solid, maybe if you was chubby I might have sunk in, then it would have hurt I guess.’

Thats when Kim suddenly chirpedĀ  ‘ yeah, well. I’ve had enough of you looking up at my arse’ and with that she released her grip on my head and just marched right up on to me, even thought she was light. It hurt like buggery coz she always came to school wearing very sharp kitten heeled shoes, but I pretended it didn’t hurt because if they had caught on, then they WOULD have gone on to do some serious damage just for kicks.

After a while though they dismounted and we just started chatting, remarkably they never asked if I had a foot fetish even though I thought it was pretty obvious by my willingness to be trampled.

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