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This is a true story, and my greatest experience of this type ever. I was on a Greyhound bus from Boston to New York one Thursday night in February 1996. It was night time, rainy and the scattered people on the bus were reading or taking naps.

Fortunately, there was no one else seated at my “double seat”, nor at the seats directly across from mine. What was also lucky was that I was seated toward the front of the bus. You might think it would be dangerous to sit near the driver, but sitting up front meant less people to walk by you to go the bathroom at the rear. (In this case, only one person sat between me and the driver).

At about a 45 min into the ride, I casually stooped down to retrieve a book from my knapsack on the floor by my seat—when out of the corner of my eyes I noticed something very dark immediately beneath my seat: the bottoms of 2 giant combat boots!! The tall brunette behind me had outstretched her legs and her shoes were not far at all from my face when I bent down. My heart started thumping hard. I decided to get a better look at her before attempting anything, so I sort of stood up and pretended I was looking at something at the back of the bus; before I sat back down, I took a good look at her. She was quite pretty and very young.

Clearly tall-around 5-‘9 to 5’10. She was probably a college girl from the Boston area returning home to NY for the weekend (pretty typical occurrence here in Boston). She had her eyes closed and was listening to her walkman. As I sat back down, my mind was racing with possibilities. The first thing I knew I would need is a blanket. I searched the overhead bin and found 2!! Basically, I covered myself with the blanket (used to other as a decoy – to make the seat look busy and messy). I placed my legs under the seat in front of me and was able to scrunch down in such a way that I could place my head under my own seat and be with her booted feet! At first, I was very scared because I thought I could get caught by someone.

But it was dark and rainy and too good to pass up! Her boots/feet were almost side by side and a little tilted to one side. My idea was to convince her subconscious that I was a real footstool that she could use. I slowly moved my face closer and closer to her shoes, until my face was gently pressed against the jagged soles! At this point, I was very aroused. I patiently kept my face there and hoped that she would somehow treat me as some hard post designed exclusively for her comfort. But she wouldn’t shift her weight or move. I became a little antsy. I figured I better resurface to avoid being discovered. Before I would leave, I had to at least give the soles of her shoes the cleaning they deserved. But as I removed my face from her soles to begin cleaning, she suddenly began to shift her shoes and legs! I thrust my face forward and she found my face with her shoe! This time she placed both shoes on my face with great weight.

I was unsure as to whether or not she was asleep, but I think now that she was at least dozing off. So now she had accepted my face as some unknown object that she could rest her shoes on. One shoe was resting its heel on the floor and the sole on my face, while the other was off the floor and was being supported entirely by my face. I was elated. What was just a footstool to her was for me quite a challenge because her legs were so much stronger and heavier than my head/neck muscles. After about 3 or 4 painful but heavenly minutes, she shifted her shoes slightly. One shoe was no longer squashing my nose, but the heel of the other was digging into my tightly-shut eye. I could taste blood in my mouth from her grinding.

I also remember smelling a cherry/strawberry smell, which I figure must have been some mess on the sidewalk that she had stepped in and ended up as scum on her boot sole. I didn’t move at all, because I wanted to prove to her that I was truly an object there for her use. I remember my back was a little strained, but I was really in eternal bliss. I felt I could be in that position for ever. Suddenly though, I felt an enormous release of pressure; she had pulled her legs back to a normal position at the foot of her seat. I was scared, because I thought she might bend down, look under my seat and see my face. But I stayed where I was, figuring I’d be her footstool whenever she needed it. To my utter ecstasy, I didn’t have to wait long. In a very hurried manner, she began to remove her boots. With a bit of light coming from who knows where, I could tell that she was wearing thick light-colored wool socks.

I thought I might explode right then and there. For two seconds, her feet disappeared (she apparently had tried to press/rest them against the backrest of my seat). Luckily, that didn’t seem to work for her, maybe cause her legs were too long. Then in matter of seconds, I saw those big feet come at me like a train. I only knew that whatever happened, I’d stay still. One of her feet went astray and the other…went right on my face!!! I reinforced her action my adding a little of counter pressure. My nose was smothered in what turned out to be warm, moist winter socks!! It smelled like ammonia.

It was the single greatest experience of my life! Unfortunately, it didn’t last long because I was so aroused that I became “happy” right then and there—though I played that happiness for all it was worth (and in that position, in couldn’t be worth more). Not many seconds after, I resurfaced. Safe, sound and feeling enormously satisfied.

Later in the ride, the bus made a stop in Connecticut and she was one of the ones to get out. As she walked by, she predictably paid me no notice. She was tall, pretty and wore cute brown form-fitting corduroy pants. When I finally got to NY, I looked at myself in the mirror. My face was noticeably dirty and abused. I knew that I had succeeded at really being a footstool.

This was really being a 100% footstool to an attractive woman who knows you only and exclusively as an object under her shoe……that’s the absolute best!!!

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