A Friend Indeed – Part 1 5 min read

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series A Friend Indeed

written by Vertago
original source of the story was FootTales



I had this friend we’ll call “Tina ” she worked at a local bookstore. I would stop in to see her on occasion , and take her out for a drink after work . We’d been friends for years, she was kinda like a sister to me.

One friday night I stopped in just before closing time. Tina was behind the counter doing the receipts, she said hello and asked me to lock the door for her.  I did which was nothing unusual, I often waited for her inside and did a few things to help her out. I sat in a chair that was out in front if the register, there is also a sofa there too. I guess it’s so people can sit down to checkout the books their buying.

Tina asked what I felt like doing? I said it didn’t matter to me, but we’d have to go somewhere i could sit cause my back was a little out of whack. I’d always wanted to get Tina to trample me, but thought it would be awkward seeing as how I’d known her for years. my back really was out so I figured what the hell. I waited for her to lock the safe and come around the counter. Tina said how’d you hurt your back . I said moving a filing cabinet. Then I said will you try to crack my back for me.

Tina just looked at me for a second with her head turned to the side. I thought she was going to say no way!! or something . Then she said sure what do you want me to do? I said well take off your shoes, and your gonna walk on my back. Tina said won’t that hurt, as she was kicking off her shoes? I said no I’ve had heavier girls than you do this for me. Tina was 5ft 6in. (1.67 m) and weighed 117lbs (53 kg), a fact that she was proud of . She worked out and had told me before that she was still 117 lbs (53 kg), the same as in high school. She had shoulder length blond hair, small breasts but a nice ass!

I got up and laid face down next to the counter, so Tina could use it for balance. She walked over and placed her size 7 (I’d checked later) foot on the small of my back. And said how do I do this? I said just hold onto the counter and walk up and down my back. Tina slowly brought her weight up till she was standing fully on me. I could tell she was nervous as she slowly started to walk up my back. I was in pure heaven her feet felt so good on me. when she got to my shoulders she said I feel like I’m squishing you! are you sure your alright? I reassured her i was fine.

As she started back down it cracked she said hey was that one ? I said yep you got your first one. Tina said cool ! And that didn’t hurt? I said no I need them to pop like that. She was getting less nervous now. she was walking up and down my back from my shoulders to my butt. I was totally into it this girl who’s been one of my best friends for years is trampling me!!

After about 10 minutes of up and down my back. Tina said I’m not getting any more to pop, is that all of them? I said no but you did get most of the bad ones. I figured what the hell and said ok step off for a second. Tina got down and said now what? as i rolled over so i was face up. She said no way! You are gonna let me walk on your front side? I said yes if you will, it kinda pushes the bones back so they will pop. Tina said I’ll crush you! I said not a chance, your not that heavy. Tina said ok you asked for it! she stepped up onto my stomach and said I’m sinking in and giggled.

She started walking up to my chest her feet were across my body. Tina stopped on my chest and was walking in place. She said this has to be hurting you, I’m squishing you like a bug! I said I’m doing ok. I was doing better than ok i was loving it, and I think she was beginning to get in to it! Tina was now back down on my stomach and I told her to stop and turn facing me. She was now standing on my stomach and grinning at me. Tina said how long can you hold me here? I said I don’t really know? she said having trouble talking? when she heard my strained voice. I said well I do have 117 lbs (53 kg) on my stomach.

She was flattening my stomach good after a few minutes, I told her to walk up to my chest and stop. she stopped high up on my chest and stared down at me with one hand on her hip. And said the words I’ll never ever forget “this is kinda fun!! ” She started walking again stomach to chest, her step was more confident now . I let her go for a few minutes and told her to step down . I was getting worn out and didn’t want to push it any further. After all it was her first time.

Tina stepped down and sat on the chair to put her shoes back on. She said well how’d I do? I said perfect, you’re a natural. I just layed there for a few minutes thinking about what just happened. I thanked her for doing it . Tina said no problem. I was worried I’d hurt you at first, but then I started having fun! We got up and left to go out.

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4 thoughts on “A Friend Indeed – Part 1 5 min read

  1. The authors name is spelled Vertago . Those are three of my old ones,glad to see them resurface.


    1. Sorry for the misspelling. I have corrected it on all three stories. They are wonderfully written and a great addition to our collection !

    2. Hi vertago. congratulations for the story!

      I thank you very much because I have read several of your stories from the mistress destiny forum and I have loved them. I consider myself your fan!

      Now unfortunately the forum no longer exists, if you have the opportunity to publish all your stories here (and maybe write new ones) I am grateful. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one.

      I have never read trampling stories as engaging as the ones you write.

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