A crazy night with Kevincarpet 6 min read

written by Kevincarpet
original source of the story was Mistress Destiny's Femdom Forums


Kevincarpet was a well known trample performance artist in New York City, circa the early 2000’s.    He’d bring a carpet to a nightclub, put it over himself near the bar and let the women step on him all night while they waited for their  drinks.

This is his account of one great night.


I didn’t write anything for a long time because it was always much of the same..Go to party lay in carpet have people stand dance and jump on me…I have been getting trampled at least 4 times a week sometimes more…And I have 12 bars and clubs that I keep carpets in so whenever I want I can go there and have some trample fun..

A few of the clubs have concerts so when I’m by the bar people stand on me to watch the shows..Its great!!But last night was a totally different experience…

It was friday night so I had my dj gig till 10pm….I went to this cool rock club where there were bands going on since 7pm..I had my dj computer with me and all my stuff which I was carrying around…The bar was really crowded 3 deep so there was no way I could really set up then (it was 11:15 when I finally got there…) so I just stood by the bar looking at all the cool rocker chicks and their shoes, boots and sneakers…

Then this nice gay rock guy (who I’ve known for years as a guy in the rock scene..he ALWAYS has the most gorgeous rock chicks by him and his gay friends all the time!!) and I was always nice to him chatted with him from time to time…

Anyway he asked me why I wasn’t in my carpet..I told him that its way too busy to set up now since I got there too late….He smiled and said he has a bunch of his girl friends here (who a few weeks ago he asked them to dance and jump on me when I was in the carpet..and they all had fun…oh and by the way he NEVER went on me…he just likes to see the girls do it)..So he told me to hangout where I was and he came back with 4 GORGEOUS girls ….they were all happy to see me…I got lots of hugs…..He asked them if they could stand on me without the carpets..hehehe THEY ALL SAID “HELL YEAH!!

Let me for starters say that 2 of the girls wore van sneakers, one wore high heel ankle boots and the other wore pink knee high spiked boots..

I told the guy and all the girls to give me a sec to find one of the owners of the club to get them drink tickets..This owner loves what I do and is very happy whenever I show up…..It took me a while to find him..I told him that 4 really cute girls want to stand on me without the carpets and if I can give them some drink tickets….The owner came over to the bar where everyone was hanging out..He told everyone that as long as I was being stood on he would authorize free drinks for everyone of them…

He told the bartenders that all these people need no tickets just give them anything they want (until I tell the bartender that we were done) THAT my friends NEVER happened!!

1st everyone got their first round of drinks…Then we noticed that there was no room on the floor…So I had an idea…I would lay on the couch and they all can be tall and see everyone and also be a spectacle…Everyone loved the idea…A few people were already standing on the couch..The girls told them what they wanted to do and everyone got off the couch..

Okay from 11:40 to 2am I was laying on my stomach and all the 4 girls were on my head, neck, back, knees and feet.  They were bouncing and jumping and having fun..My neck at times would ache because a few times one of the heeled girls were on my head and neck and the heel dug in my skin.I felt soooo at ease and I was in dreamland having these girls bounce and jump on me like I was a true object and not caring how I was feeling THEY NEVER BENT DOWN TO ASK HOW I WAS…NEVER…NOT ONCE!!

A few times a few of them got off me to a) either get more drinks or b) go to the bathroom….

When 2 of them left off me for about 15 minutes to take a break I heard a few girls ask(“heard” since my face was mushed in the couch cushion) “Can we climb on” and they did..unlucky for me they both wore heels..and they got in the swing of things and was bouncing and jumping..Their guy friends took some pics and was egging them on to stomp and jump harder!!  Which they did..At one point I had two of my original girls and 4 other new girls pile on..I was a big hit..The owner told me later that he came by with a few guys who own other bar to watch me for a bit….and they all love what they saw.

When the other girls came back they squeezed on me and I was buried in the cushions…

At about 2 am there was just the original 4 girls back on me..So I tried rolling over to ask them if their having fun..They all said Yeah!!I then asked them if they wanted to try my tummy and front for a bit..They all loved the idea….I told them they could go on any part of my body..Which they did..

My head and neck and stomach was getting bombarded with heels and with the way the couch gave way and I sunk whenever they jumped on me..EVERYONE was having even more fun..The girls bent down and said this was really like a trampoline….2:20 am there was a show and the girls stood on me to watch….My pee pees skin was killing me cause the heel of one of the girls shoes was standing on the edge….This was fun. I was in pain with the heels on my throat and forehead..and my knees was sore.(remember I was doing this without a carpet since about 11 pm…

When the show started a few girls put their feet on me to climb on but got scared when they felt a body..The girls who were on me are not only cuties but smart as well….They told the new girls..”Come on its fun he loves it….and the new girls climbed on to watch the show..(as well as 3 more I was totally hidden in the cushions and hidden under 8 girls….I was in HEAVEN!!!!

When everyone left I drank a few bottles of water..looked at my beaten and very marked up chest and thighs (something you never get when in a carpet) BUT I LOVED THE MARKS!!

I went to the owners office and thanked him and he said NO!!

“I THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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