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written by Massagerabbit
original source of the story was Unknown source


I was recently reminded of an experience about 15 years ago when the three daughters from next-door on the camping trampled me at the swimming pool one summer vacation.

My parents and I own a large caravan on a camping. My neighbors on the camping I used to visit every summer had three beautiful daughters called Saskia, Karen and Margie. At the time this experience happened I was 16 years old, Saskia about 14, Karen 16 and Margie 18 or 19.

We used to go for a swim regularly and most of the time we went together.

One afternoon we were on the grass getting a nice tan as Karen reminds me of a little quarrel we had that morning. It was something about who was right about some irrelevant issue and although she knew this time I was right, she wouldn’t accept that.

At that time she tried to involve Saskia in the discussion by stating that I would have said something bad about her favorite rock group. Saskia was immediately alarmed and got up to warn me not to fool around with her idols or else……

“Or else what?” I asked her.

“I’ll finish you off” Saskia replied. I smiled at her and asked what she had in mind and who she would bring to help her.

Wrong question, of course, except when you are expecting to get trampled.

I was lying on my stomach and Saskia got up and walked over to me. She kicked me once in my left side and ordered me to apologize. “No way” I said and with that she stepped full weight on my stomach.

A beautiful girl of 14 like Saskia is not that heavy (about 90 lbs [40 kg] ) so her weight was no problem for me until her sister Karen volunteered to help her younger sister by joining her on my back. At that time I had Saskia standing on my lower back and Karen sitting almost on my shoulder when Margie returned from the swimming pool and saw the three of us on the grass.

What’s going on here; some kind of circus?” Margie asked. “No, we are forcing him to apologize to Saskia for insulting Saskia’s favorite rock group.

“Hmm” Margie replied. “You’re handling the situation all wrong. Get of his back and let me handle things right”. With that the younger sisters got off my back and looked at Margie. “Here is what you do: First you turn him over”… and with that Margie kicks me in my side, forcing me to roll over on my back. “Then you step onto his stomach, because that’s what it’s there for, and then you wait until he can’t hold you anymore”. And with that she stepped full weight on my stomach and stood still, looking down in my face.

Margie was a gorgeous brunette about 1,80 meters tall weighing about 120  lbs (55 kg). She just came out of the water and her skin was still wet. After about half a minute she started to speak again: “Hmmm, he’s very quiet; maybe he needs some more convincing from us. Would you join me Saskia”?

Saskia hesitated because she didn’t think I would hold the two of them and she didn’t want to hurt me.

“Come on” Karen said “Or I’ll step up onto his chest”. Saskia stepped up and looked down as well, amazed at the fact that I still didn’t give in. Margie started to move a little, hoping that I would give in, but since I somehow managed to hold them both she finally said: “Well Karen, it looks like you have to join in to finish him off”. And with that Karen joined Margie on my lower stomach and within 15 seconds I had to give in because I couldn’t breathe anymore.

They all got off and smiled at me. “That’s how you get an apology from someone” Margie concluded.

After a while Saskia got back to me and asked me if I was OK. I told her that she could stand on my stomach whenever she wanted and she immediately did. Karen joined in soon after by moving Saskia up onto my chest. Saskia then tried to choke me by placing one foot on my throat and slowly adding more weight to it. For a second she stood on my throat full weight before stepping down. From down under the view was perfect. Margie joined in when she was around, just to test how long I could hold all three of them together.

The remaining summer we repeated this, those times just for fun and personal workout as the girls called it.

The next summer they moved and I have never seen them since.

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