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written by Vertago
original source of the story was FootTales


Tina and I had been doing our saturday night thing almost every week now. Each time she’d try and outdo the week before. She said she was getting me into shape for a real challenge. I assumed she meant her & her amazon friend Cindy.

It was about 6-7 weeks now since our first saturday night, and they were forecasting a severe snow storm to hit friday night. Tina phoned me that evening and said she’d be staying at my place again Saturday do to the storm. Of course I knew the snow had little to do with it. Then she said Cindy might not come into work that day due to the snow, because she doesn’t like to drive in it. The way she’d said it I knew what she was leading up to. Tina then said or maybe I’ll pick her up and she can ride to work with me. I said ok you can bring Cindy Saturday. Tina said thanks I was hoping you say ok.

Saturday morning rolled around and I was excited and a little nervous. Cindy’s a pretty big girl. I hoped I didn’t bite off more than I could chew. Tina called me from the store at about noon and said they hadn’t had a customer all day. she said there must be 2ft. of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down. she said they’d be closing up early at about 5pm, so I should expect them early. Tina said Cindy can’t wait to get on top of you, she said she’ll enjoy squashing you like a bug!! I said we’ll see when you to get here.

About 5:15 they arrived .Tina had her gym bag and stack of movies as usual. Cindy also was carrying a bag. We said our hello’s and Tina took Cindy into the other room to change. I was really nervous now, but I knew I could trust Tina it was Cindy I was worried about. They came back out into the livingroom about lO mins. later. Tina was wearing grey sweatpants and a blue half shirt. I looked at Cindy and thought maybe I did bite off more than I can chew. Cindy is a good inch or two taller than me, that puts her around 6ft 2in (1.88 m).  She has long silky black hair down to the middle of her back, she had on baby blue sweatpants, white socks and a grey tee-shirt that was so tight it left nothing to the imagination.  Her tits were larger than I thought,man were they huge.

I have to say for her size she isn’t fat at all , she’s got a nice round ass, her thighs look like they could crush skull with ease. I would guess her weight at about 165- 170 lbs (75 kg). Tina on the other hand looked tiny standing next to her, at 5ff. 6in (1.67 m) and 117 lbs (53 kg).

Cindy spoke first saying thanks for letting me stay here tonight, I’m sure we’ll all have some fun. Tina said well let’s all sit down and talk for a bit. I was glad she said that I’d like to see what I was up against. We all sat on the couch, I said well what do you girls have in store for me tonight? Tina said pretty much the usual times 2!” Cindy said we’ve been talking about it all day at the store. I asked Cindy if she’d done this before (already knowing she had). She said all the time to my little brother, but it’s been awhile. Tina said we’ll take it easy on you at first, at least until you piss us off!!

I said let’s order a couple pizza’s now before they end up closing early. Tina said ok but I’m paying this time. I called downstairs, they said 2O mins, or so. I said why don’t you two go get a couple beers? Tina just smiled at me and got up Cindy followed her to the kitchen. When they came back in I was lying face up on the couch. they were talking about work as they rounded the couch. I had my head turned to the side watching t.v., they never even paused. Tina sat right down on my head, which sunk into the couch, and a second later Cindy sat down on my chest/stomach.

The weight wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I still was being squashed into the couch. 1 could breath pretty good in this position, and hear their muffled giggles. I figured I was trapped here till the pizza came. They just sat there talking and laughing I assumed about me under them. A few minutes later they both got up, and I almost sprung out of the couch from the weight release. I assumed the pizza was were. WRONG they quickly switched positions,

I watched in fear as Cindy’s ass lowered slowly towards my head, man did it sink into the couch. It was a scary feeling at first, her ass is twice the size of Tina’s.  Although again she wasn’t as heavy as I thought, the pressure was intense but bearable. I could still get enough air to stay there awhile, not a lot but enough. Tina hadn’t sat back down yet ,I guess she was making sure I was alright with Cindy sitting on my head, a second or two later I felt Tina’s feet arrive on my stomach.

I now had Cindy the Amazon squashing my head and my blonde trampler standing on my stomach. It was awesome I was loving this so far. I figured if I can keep on the couch or the bed most of the night, I should be alright. I knew the pizza had to be here shortly and I’d get released for a while. I could hear them talking about something , Tina had just been standing still on my stomach. Then she stepped back onto my groin, Cindy started laughing real loud at this,and she started rocking her ass back and forth on my head. Wow what a feeling , an amazon on my head,and 117 lbs planted on my groin. I was in heaven but was getting wore out.

Then Tina climbed off me and I could hear her footsteps as she headed for the door. i figured the pizza was here, however Cindy stayed planted on my head. A second later I heard the door close and Cindy stood up releasing my head from her prison. I gasped for the first fresh air in awhile, as they stood in front of me giggling. Tina had the pizza’s in her hand, and said I told Cindy to stay on your head till the pizza guy left, so you couldn’t yell for help! Cindy said yea in case you changed your mind about tonight. I said why did you to start already.

Tina looked at Cindy and said I told you he’s a glutton for punishment. Cindy said well maybe we should set the pizza aside, and trade positions again! You sit on his head Tina ,and I’ll get up and flatten his groin!! I felt that fear return again,but Tina just laughed and said no let’s eat now and give him a little break. I got up and we sat and ate, and made small talk. I asked Cindy if she was serious about wanting to stand on my groin? She said I’ll stand anywhere you’ll let me, and I’d love to do that to you. She said she’d done it to her brother a few times, but he was a wus and couldn’t take it. Tina said he’ll let you do it, besides he won’t have much of a choice when I’m sitting on his face smothering him!

They both giggled again as Cindy excused herself to use the bathroom. Tina waited till she left the room, and said don’t worry i’ll stop her if I think it’s too much for you, i’ve got a good feel by now of what you can take. I said ya but Cindy is a lot heavier that you. Tina said yes but her feet are a lot bigger also, she wears alO 1/2 so the weight gets spread out more. I said well I don’t think it works that way but we’ll see.

Cindy walked back into the room ,and I said ok let’s go to the bedroom,and we’ll give a few things a try. They both gave a cheer as they got up. We went into the bedroom and I said I’ll be in control for a bit, that means do what I say nothing more. They both agreed. I laid face down on the bed and told Tina to walk up and down my back for 2mins. I am so use to Tina that it almost felt like she wasn’t there, she was walking gently up and down me. Tina stepped off at 2 minutes. I said ok Cindy 2 minutes, she climbed aboard me and I sank into the mattress. She was noticeably heavier,as she started walking on me my back cracked and I said good you got the one Tina couldn’t.

Cindy said well I’ve got a slight weight advantage over her. I was being trampled by this amazon ,yet the pressure wasn’t nearly as bad as I had expected. Cindy was now off me and I rolled over. Tina said now what? I said well I know you’re not a problem for me,so Cindy stand on my chest and do only what I tell you to. Cindy stood on the bed next to my chest and was on me quickly. The pressure was intense as I again sank into the mattress. I got my first look at her towering figure from beneath her. Man did she Look huge from down here, and she had an ear to ear grin that I’d seen before on Tina’s face.

Breathing was a bit difficult, and I told her to move back to my stomach. Cindy did and she sank deep into my stomach, as she giggled and said this is fun, my brother would be begging for mercy by now! Tina said oh he’ll be begging for mercy before the nights over. I held her there for a second and told her to get off. she did, but said how about that groin?  As she brushed it with her foot. I said you’ll get your chance, when I’m ready to let you try it.

Tina said ok what next? I said ok now Cindy is going to sit on my face and smother me. I looked at Cindy and said when I tap your ass you must give me some air. Tina added that’s a rule always’ I said Tina when I’ve tapped twice you may stand on my groin, and when I tap for the forth time you both get off. They both nodded in agreement as they took their positions. Tina stood beside my hips to wait. Cindy was now stradling my face, and said are you ready for this, as she smacked her ass. I nodded yes and she slowly lowered that nice round ass onto my face. Cindy gradually sank her full weight down on me as my head slowly sank deep into the bed. This wasn’t what I was expecting at all, sure she was heavier than Tina by a good bit, and that bigger round ass was engulfing my face and I wasn’t getting any air.

Yet I think I can handle this for a good bit of time as long as she gives me my air. Which I was tapping for now. Cindy raised up and let me have 3 good long breaths before sitting back down. I was loving this her ass was very soft, I might let her stay there all night. I tapped the second time, and Tina steped up onto my groin instantly, as Cindy gave me more air then down she came. Cindy was smothering me good now, I was trying to hold out as long as I could. Not to mention Tina squashing my groin.

I tapped the third & forth times quickly. I still had one more “test” I wanted to do before taking a break. they both got off me as I gasped for air. Cindy said are you ok? Tina said he’s fine, if he doesn’t do that you haven’t smothered him good enough! Cindy looked at me and said really? I said yes between breaths. I caught my breath quickly and said ok one more thing then we take a break. I had been thinking about this the whole time, and Cindy was not as heavy as I’d imagined so I ‘d go for broke. I said Tina you will sit on my face. Cindy as soon as I give you a thumbs up you can step up on my groin, when my hand goes down you both get off. Tina said how many taps? I said I won’t tap you know when to give me some air.

Cindy said I really want to do this, but are you sure? I said yes I need to know if I can handle you before I turn control of the evening over to you two. Tina was now planted firmly on my face, I gave the thumbs up and hoped it wasn’t a mistake. Cindy quickly stepped up , and the pressure was awesome, it was a total shock at first, this 6ft 2in (1.88 m) amazon was flattening my cock&balls! I almost dropped my hand instantly.

Tina raised up just then to give me some air(and too see the look on my face). Then back down she came. It was then I realized Cindy wasn’t as heavy as my mind had made her. Don’t get me wrong she was absolutely squashing my groin under her feet. But again I could handle it for a few minutes. Tina raised up again and lowered herself back down I’d been so worried about Cindy I almost forgot Tina was smothering me, but this time she wiggled around and traped my nose. I held out a few more seconds then lowered my hand, and they both quickly got off me.

As I gasped for air Cindy said is he alright? I just nodded yes. They both began to giggle hysterically, Cindy said that was so cool!!! Tina said I told you he’d blow your mind! They were both lying beside me now talking and still laughing about what they had just done. I was just taking it all in, and wondering what was in store for me the rest of the night… .

I regained my strength and breathing and said let’s go out into the the livingroom and talk awhile, we all sat on the couch and I sent Tina for some beers. As soon as Tina left Cindy said, I didn’t hurt you did 1? I said no, but you are a bit heavier than Tina. She said “is that going to be a problem?” I said no , as long as you understand that I can only handle so much. Cindy said I know that , Tina said you’d probably put her in charge for the nite .

Tina was coming back in with the beers now, but I put my hand up to signal her to stop. I asked Cindy what that meant to her? She said well tina told me we would eventually get control of the evening, but she would ultimately be in control. I asked her what that meant to her? Cindy said, it means if she says do this, I do it. or if Tina says stop, I stop. I motioned Tina into the room, and said very good , that what I wanted to hear.

Tina said well then I guess we control the rest of the evening? I said yes you do. I totally trusted Tina, she knew my limits and Cindy understood that Tina was the boss! Tina said well then let’s relax and drink a few beers, as she held up the one’s she had in her hands. We sat back on the couch drinking our beer and talking , they did most of the talking about how much trouble I was in for the rest of the night.

I looked at the clock it was 7:35 pm, I knew Tina wanted some action, she was looking bored. Tina told Cindy to go to the bedroom and wait . As soon as she left Tina asked me what I needed ? I said as long as you keep me on the bed/ couch or some padding underneath, and make sure Cindy doesn’t go overboard, I should be able to deal with it all night. Tina said is she Ok to do anything to you? I said yes as long as she doesn’t want to trample my groin for a long time. Tina said, I’ll try to keep her under 5 mins. at a time , or maybe lO mins. as she smiled!!! Tina said is that it? I said yes except I’ll still give you a time limit, the rest is up to you, and don’t disappoint me!!

Tina said “well then get your ass into position on the bed.” I said ok you two have 1/2 hour, as I headed for the room. I assumed my position and the girls went into the bathroom. Tina came out first she took off her sweatpants to reveal her blue silk panties nad was barefoot. Nothing out of the ordinary for her, but she still was soooooo awesome looking!!!!! She said are you ready for Cindy? 1 just shrugged my shoulders…

Cindy stepped out of the bathroom wearing white silk panties and NOThING ELSE!!!! I was at a loss for words. Her tits were enormous, and those thighs I thought could crush my skull, could no doubt do it with ease. and that big round ass scared me, but I wanted it now!!!! Tina just laughed as she saw my jaw drop, and said see Cindy I told he’d love you!!! Tina said go ahead and trample him good, let him get a good view of those tits of yours as you stomp him into the mattress!! !!! Cindy said I’ll try not to kill him’!!,as she climbed onto the bed.

My jaw was still saging as Cindy stepped onto my chest. She was more awesome looking than I could ever have imagined, standing on top of me with her hands on her hips looking down on me from way above smiling at me. Those tits were so big and firm, and her legs and ass were more toned than I thought. Maybe she wasn’t 165-l7O lbs (75 kg) like I thought, I’d never seen her in anything other than work close before this !

Cindy was just standing there looking down at me, I had taken a quick peek at the clock it was 7:55 pm, and Tina who was leaning on the bed said,come on Cindy we only got 1/2 hour!! Cindy started to walk from my chest to my groin. It was then that I finally felt Cindy’s amazon body on top of me.  She was now standing still on my groin, smiling at me pushing her tits up with her hands. Tina was laughing hard and said, you own him Cindy , start walking in place!!!!

Cindy did and a new level of pain was introduced. I was really suffering under her, she was flattening my cock&balls I’d never felt that much pressure down there!!! Man I hope I can make it … because I’m loving it !!!!! I was trying to concentrate on Cindy’s tits flopping about as she walked in place, to keep my mind off the pain she was inflicting on me. She keep slowly walking in place & her and Tina were now in a constant giggle.

Tina said ok, let’s give his nuts a break, walk up to his chest. Cindy did so and I was happy my nuts were beginning to throb, they weren’t taking a direct hit, but they were getting some of the weight. Cindy said this is a blast!! but aren’t you going to join me Tina?  Tina said I will shortly, now put your left foot on the side of his face and rock your weight back and forth between feet. That fear shot through my body again as I saw that huge foot coming down on the left side of my head. The pressure was intense as Cindy started to shift her weight from foot to foot. I thought my head was going to explode !

Tina laughed and said, How’s that feel? Of course I couldn’t answer with Cindy’s left foot pushing my face into the mattress. Tina said well I guess I should have Cindy bring her right foot next to her left on, since you didn’t answer! Cindy giggled and said can I please!!!! Tina said do it!!! My head quickly sank lower than ever before, it was completely down into the mattress. My head was being crushed by my amazon lovely!!! I was in real pain and loving it.

Cindy stepped back to my chest and Tina leaned over to look me in the eye. Tina smiled and asked me how I was doing? I muttered just fine. Cindy said what did he say? Tina replied “he said ‘piece of cake’.” Cindy said well then let’s change that!! Tina said we’ve got lO mins left, time for me to join you..

Cindy was still standing on my chest as Tina planted both her feet onto my groin. They were both laughing looking down at me. Tina said he’s breathing to good , sit on his face and smother him good Cindy!! Cindy wasted no time lowering those white silk panties onto to my upturned face. man did they feel great encasing my face! I could feel her heat, and smell her womanhood. Tina was just stand on my groin swaying back and forth. I taped several times for air and Cindy always let me get 2-3 good breaths.

I was in heaven!!!! Being smothered by my amazon, and my 117Ib (53 kg) blonde beauty was now walking in place mashing my groin. I was totally drained now and had no idea how long I had left. Cindy got off my face, I figured they were done, as I gasped for air Tina said 2 mins left. She told Cindy to just watch her for the last 2 mins. Tina walked right up my body and onto my face, she was now trampling my face those soft size 7 feet were doing a number on me. She stayed there for the rest of the time flattening my face.

I was totally drained when she got off, she laid down beside me and Cindy on the other side.  I just layed there as they laughed and talked about what they wanted to do next. we finally went back out into the livingroom to watch a movie. It was now about 9:15pm. Cindy said this is so much fun I’m loving this!! Tina said I knew you would. then she asked me how I was feeling? I said pretty much 100%, you two aren’t nothing. I got the you’re going to die look from both of them.

Tina then grinned and said, well then can 1 have total control with no time limits? I knew If I said yes I was done for. Cindy said he’s not man enough to accept that challenge. Tina said we promise to use either the couch or the bed at all times. I said “you’re on!!!” They both laughed and gave each other a high five. Tina said we’re gonna be on you all night!!! Cindy said ya at least one of us all the time!!!

I spent the next hour and a half face up on the couch . Tina started out sitting on my face, and Cindy sat in the recliner. Tina stayed there for about 1/2 hour. then Cindy took her place , I was glad they kept their sweats off. I loved those silk panties on my face. Cindy was smothering me good, man I was loving her big round ass. Tina replaced Cindy again ,but this time Cindy got up and started walking in place on my groin. She was totally crushing my cock!!

Tina was now gently bouncing up and down on my face. I was in heaven, or was it hell.. Cindy finally stopped her assault on my groin after a few mins. and got off . Tina got up and they pulled me off the couch, and guided me into the bedroom. I was struggling to make it there, I was totally out of breath. I rolled onto the bed and Cindy was sitting on my face instantly. Tina had put on some music to crush me by,and was walking from my groin to chest . I was in a daze at this point.

Cindy moved back and sat on my chest, and Tina was standing right behind her looking down on me. Tina said ok it’s almost midnight, we’re going to turn it up a notch and finish you off!! Tina said Cindy and I are going to trample your whole body together for at least 1/2 hour.  Then we’ll see how you’re doing then!!’ Cindy said you’re so not going to like this!!! as she stood up right onto my face. I was lost I had no sense of time at this point, the funny thing was that I’d made it to the point where the pain wasn’t even there. I still felt all the pressure, I was in my “zone”.

My amazon friend was just crushing my head under her feet while Tina marched in place on my groin, they traded places 2-3 times .Tina was now trampling my face as I watched her size 7 feet go up and down. They were having a blast giggling all the time. Tina stepped back to my chest and looked down at me. Cindy was now standing on my stomach. Tina said well how are you doing down there? I don’t know how I did it or why,but I looked at her and yawned. Cindy said I can’t believe he did that!! Tina said he must want more. I did and I didn’t.

Cindy said let’s start bouncing up and down on him!!! Tina ok he asked for it!! I was in trouble now they both started bouncing up and down all over me. Tina was bouncing on my cock&balls, Cindy on my chest. They just kept it up, giggling the whole time. I had no idea how long it had been, but they finally stopped. Cindy was still on my chest Tina was on my stomach.

Tina said OK let’s make him beg for mercy now! Tina said come down here with me. Tina was standing beside my right hip, Cindy by my left hip. Tina put her right foot on my crotch, and Cindy put her left foot there. That sudden fear came over me again. Tina said we’re going to start applying pressure till you say I give up. I knew this was going to do me in, Tina at ll7lbs (53 kg) and Cindy the amazon together, on my cock&balls.

I felt the pressure increasing they were slowly adding the weight. I was Ok to this point they probably had 1/2 their weight on me now, but I knew it wouldn’t be long. Tina said this is taking to long, on the count of 3 we’re going to bring all our weight down on you. Cindy said I sugguest you give up now1 I couldn’t I had to know. Tina saidl-2-3 and up they came. It was the most intense pain i’d ever felt, I was almost going to black out. I blurted out I GIVE UP!!!!! they both got off quickly and I doubled up in pain.

Tina said are you ok? I said i will be in a little bit I think. Cindy said I can’t believe the punishment you can take!! Tina said well I think we taught him a lesson tonight!! It’s 1:15am let’s get some sleep.. I was out like a light instantly. When I woke in the morning they were both gone. Tina had left me a note that said she’d was taking Cindy home and she would come back and check on me later. My whole body hurt, especially my cock&balls.

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