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written by Vertago
original source of the story was FootTales



The next afternoon Tina called me at home and asked me what I was doing that evening. I told her I had planned on just staying at home, due to the snow storm that started earlier. Tina asked if she could come over after work. I told her sure , we can watch some movies or something. She said great ,I really didn’t want to go out in this weather either.

I lived in an apartment over top a pizza-shop. It was in the same block as her bookstore. So this was nothing out of the ordinary, Tina hated to drive in the snow. On many occasions she would just walk to my place and stay overnight, rather than drive across town . After all I’d known her for years and did think of her like a sister. I got excited after talking to her , thinking of the night before in her bookstore. I could still hear Tina saying “this is kinda fun” as she stood on my chest. And then her comment “how long can you take this” as she stood on my stomach. I decided not to bring it up , I didn’t want to risk screwing up years of friendship.

At about 7pm Tina showed up at my door, she said she sent Cindy (her part time helper at the store) home and closed up early. She had a back-pack and a stack of movies from the store. she said” I’m glad you weren’t going out, it’s nasty out there”. Tina set down the movies and shook her back-pack and said” I brought my emergency bag with me”. She kept this at the store for just such occasions. I told her I’d order a pizza from downstairs while she changed.

Tina came back into the living room wearing black sweatpants, a grey half t-shirt that showed off her flat stomach and white sweatsocks. She sat down beside me on the couch and said ” how’s your back feeling today”. I almost was speechless, I told myself I wouldn’t bring it up. But Tina did, and she’d only been here for 10 minutes. I said ” it’s feeling better”. She said” I’m surprised , I thought it’d be sore from me walking all over you”.I said” no I told you you’re not that heavy, I could support you for a long time”.

Tina smiled and said” hum you think so, sounds like a challenge”. I almost shit my pants!!!! Just then the pizza showed up and I didn’t get a chance to respond. I payed for the pizza , we sat and ate without a word for awhile . All I could think about was play it cool, she has already basically said she wants to do it. Tina broke the silence saying” I thought about walking on you all day, I had a blast even though it was only for a short time”. I damn near choked on my pizza!!! I looked at her and said” did you like it that much?” She said” yes is that weird or what?” I quickly said “no it’s not weird”, in fact i love having it done to me”. Tina looked into my eyes and said” good then we have the whole night to experiment and see how much of me you can handle”.

As we finished eating tina told me that Cindy told her that she use to trample her brother into submission, to get him to do things for her. Now Tina is 5ft 6in (1.67 m) and weighs 117 lbs (53 kilos), but Cindy is an Amazon she’s about 6’2” (1.88 m) and I’d guess 170lbs (77 kg) . ( I see a possibility here). I grabbed us another beer and sat back down.

Tina said ” well I think you should let me do whatever I want,whenever I want all night”. I said ” gee that sounds fair,haha” She said “well I had to try, you know me I’m a control freak”. I told her ok but if I asked her to stop or give me a break she had to. With that she ordered me to the floor face down. we both got up I went and laid behind the couch(it’s in the middle of the room) Tina grabbed the stereo remote and turned it on. She hopped right up on my back and began slowly walking up and down me shoulders to butt . She said” I’ll take it easy on you to loosen you up”.

Tina was now gently dancing to the music, all over my back. After 15 mins. or so she stepped down and nudged me in the ribs and said” roll over, time for your front”. I was on my back and Tina was standing on my chest in seconds. She stood there smiling down at me, with the biggest smile I’d ever seen. I then realized she truly was loving it as much as I was. She started walking chest to stomach to the beat of the music. she would stop on my stomach and walk in place turn in circles then do the same on my chest, never saying a word.

After 10 mins of up and down me she stopped on my chest facing me, she had a grin on her face. The kind that says I’m thinking about something. Tina turned sideway on my chest and had both hands on the back of the couch. She looked down at me and said ” anything I want to do right?” I just nodded my reply. She raised her right foot and turned my head towards the couch. She the placed it on the left side of my face gently. She started applying pressure and watch my face to gage if I was alright. She was now rocking her weight back and forth right foot on my head left foot on my chest. She wasn’t putting all her weight on my head probably 75% . After about 5mins of this she moved her right foot back on my chest, and turned to face me again. I was glad the pressure wasn’t too much but it was taking it’s toll.

Tina Said ” I can’t believe you let me do that, that was awesome!!” I said “you’re in control remember”. She got that grin back and said” well then let’s see about this then” . she moved down to my stomach faced the couch raised her left foot over my cock which was bulging in my sweatpants. Tina looked back at me to see if I’d stop her. I of course couldn’t speak at that point. She pause for a second looking at me and said “ok you asked for it”. Tina slowly brought her left foot down on my bulging cock , looking me in the eye the whole time as she increased her weight on it. She did the same as on my face rocking back and forth. She kept this up for a few minutes and then slowly started increasing her weight on my cock, looking at me with that grin of hers. She was wanting me to tell her I give up, not a chance.

Tina now had almost all her weight squashing my penis,her right foot was almost off my stomach. She stayed there another 30 seconds or so and stepped off me. She said “i can’t believe you didn’t give up, I was sure I had you there. Tina said “let’s take a break and watch one of the movies, after all you’re mine all night”. I just laid there on my back trying to compose myself and catch my breath.

Tina went to put in a movie, and I couldn’t believe what had just happened. A girl I’d known since grammar school, my best friend, just trampled me !!! I got to my feet and sat down on the couch, Tina came back over and sat next to me. She said” so how was that?” I said “piece of cake”. Tina gave me that grin again and said ” oh really, guess I’ll have to try harder”. I looked her in the eye and said “I can’t believe you stood on my penis”. she replied” you said anything I wanted to do, and I thought that was so cool squashing it like that. So until you tell me not to it’s fair game!!”.

I looked at the t.v. to see what she’d put in it was some comedy, couldn’t tell you what it was my mind was somewhere else. About 9pm She hit pause so she could run to the bathroom. I layed down on the couch just to see what she’d do when he came back. Tina came back in looked down at me shrugged her shoulders then pooped her cute little ass right down on my chest. She grabbed the remote hit play and said” good more cushion”.

She watched the movie and paid very little attention to me under her. she’d wiggle her ass around a bit then look down at me and giggle. After about 15 min or so she got up to go get a beer. I think she just wanted to see if I’d sit back up or not. Not!!! Tina came back in turned around to sit back on my chest,then move up so her ass was inline with my head. She looked back at me paused and said” ok but I ain’t getting up till the movies over”.

She slowly lowered her petite little ass towards my face, she paused just before landing on me . Then she shifted back and sat on my chest. I was disappointed to say the least. Tina said” I’ll do it but there’s still over an hour left in the movie”. I said “suite yourself you’re in control”. she sat there till there was about 10-15 mins. left in the movie .She hit pause again to get another beer. This time I sat back up and yell to her to bring me one too.

Tina came back carrying two beers, saw me sitting up and said “chicken”. I said ” do you want me to lay back down?” she said ” no take a break and have a beer, you’ll need it”. After the movie was over she said ” I see a red mark from where my foot was on your face”. I said “probably from the sock, like a brush burn”. Tina said ” well don’t take this the wrong way, but let’s go to the bedroom”. Once in the bedroom she stood up on the bed and raised her hands to the ceiling. she was able to put her palm on it. She jumped down and said “good I can reach, lay down face up and I’ll be back in a min.”

She went into the bathroom took off her socks and washed her feet. She came out climbed up on the bed. She straddled mt chest, raised her left foot and placed it on my face and said” no brush burns now, and not so stinky”. Tina said” now I’m going to trample and squash you good, to see how much you can handle and see how much fun I can have”. She stepped up onto my chest facing me and said” I put you on the bed so you’d have a little padding under you, also so I can get a little rougher. I think you should be able to handle one hour, or else!!”.

Tina started walking slowly chest to stomach using the ceiling for balance as she needed it. I took a quick look at the alarm clock it was 10:50 pm. She was now going stomach to chest to face with one foot. Her bare feet felt so good on me, I was totally into it, and so was she! Now she was making sure to step on my cock each trip down and my face each trip up. Tina was increasing the power of her step on each trip now and pausing on my face and cock . She stopped facing me on my chest, placed her left foot on my face her heel was about on my chin and her toes on my forehead. She quickly brought her right foot up beside it, my nose was between her arches.

The pressure was pretty intense and she stepped back to my chest after 15-20 seconds. She looked down to see how I was doing, I just smiled. Tina stepped off me and went down and straddled my hips facing me. She got her evil grin back as she placed her right foot on my groin, started to increase her weight then up came her left foot beside her right. I let out and soft groan, which was a mixture of pleasure and pain. Tina said” oooh looks like I found a weakness!” She stood there with her 117 lbs (53 kg) squashing my groin, for about 1-2 mins.

I was in heaven.  This blonde I’ve known for ever was flattening my dick and my balls were taking some of the weight too. then she marched up my body and right back up onto my face, pushing my head down into the mattress. this time she stood there for a good min. or so . I think she was more worried about it than my groin, because she couldn’t see my face. Then she went right back to my groin facing me and just stood there smiling at me. Now she started slowly and gently walking in place mashing my groin with every step. I hoped she’d never stop.

This continued for about 3-4 mins. then she walked up my chest and pooped her ass down on it straddling me. Tina said” your doing pretty good, guess I’ll have to turn it up a notch”. she turned to look at the clock it was it was 11:20. Tina said” but still at least 1/2 hour to go, and now because you think I won’t do it I’m going to sit on your face and smother you!!” She raised up and scooted forward straddling my face and said” if you need some air just tap my legs and I’ll think about giving you some!” with that Tina lowered her little ass down upon my face, slowly her weight increased and my head sank into the bed.

I was loving this, the pressure on my face, the heat and smell of her womanhood . I was actually getting a small amount of air the way she was sitting, She must have thought i wasn’t. Tina raised up and said “keep rubbing my leg so I know you’re alright and tap if you need air”. Then she sank back onto my face, and I started gently rubbing her thigh. I still had a little air getting through, until Tina started to wiggle around some. I think she wanted me to have to tap her for air , after all she liked to control everything .

Now she had my nose buried in her snatch, I had to tap her for air. Tina raised up and said” now I got you!” as I gasped for air she giggled. She let me get 2-3 good breaths before planting herself back on her seat. She again wiggled around til she had my nose trapped. I tapped 6-7 more times for air each time she’d wait a little longer to give it to me. Now she was wiggling all around and rocking back and forth. I think she was working herself into an orgasm!

Finally she rolled off me and I gasped for the first fresh air in 12 mins. I noticed Tina was panting a little. As i caught my breath I said ” what are you panting for, all you had to do was sit there, or did you get a little wet?” The look in her eye told me two things #1 she had an orgasm #2 she wasn’t very happy that I knew. I looked at the clock it was 11:37 , I’ve almost made it to her hour challenge. needless to say I was pretty well whooped, she smothered me pretty good and as you all known that tends to zap your energy.

Tina was now back to her feet and straddling my chest. She was still breathing hard and giving me the your going to pay look. She actually said”your going to pay for that” as she hopped up onto my chest and began to bounce up and down on me, forcing the air out of me. she was pissed! I couldn’t see why? I didn’t make her have an orgasm, but I could see I’d pay for it anyway. Tina bounced on my chest probably 2 dozen times, stopped and stepped quickly onto my face a lot rougher than before. The pressure was intense she stood the a lot longer than before, how long I don’t know. I was in a daze from having all the air bounced back out of me and the 117 lbs (53 kg) beauty crushing my skull.

She stepped back to my chest and walked heavily down to my groin. Tina turned and faced me and began walking in place, trampling my groin under her feet. I was totally drained of energy and couldn’t stop her if I wanted to, which of course I didn’t. She was really doing a number on my cock and balls stepping heavier than before, but still realizing she had to be carefull. This went on for what seemed like forever, then Tina stop and just stood still. She looked back at the clock and said ” you made it “. Then that grin of hers came back. she had one hand on the ceiling for balance, she put the other one up there and began to push down. Her standing full weight on my groin and pushing down was more than I could handle in my beaten state. I muttered “I give up”. tina released herself and stepped down then laid down beside me.

I was really pretty worn out, she had done a number on me. I was still trying to catch my breath and get some of my energy back. Tina said” are you o.k.?” I just nodded yes. she continued to say” that was a total blast, I didn’t think I could have that much fun doing it”. I just layed there for 10mins. or so regaining my composure while she kept commenting on the things she did. I did notice she avoided saying anything about her quick dismounting of my face. My breathing was back to normal now. I looked into Tina’s eyes and said” did you, or didn’t you?” She said” I was trying to avoid talking about that, but I guess we’d better”. she then said” no I didn’t have an orgasm, but I came very close that’s why I got off you so quick”. I said” well I don’t have a problem with it, if you don’t “. Tina said” I’m not sure we’ve known each other a long time, it’s kind of touchy”. I said “well I see it this way , we’re both adults, best friends and that will never change no matter what. so if you want to get off on me, I’d be happy to help you out”.

She paused for a moment then said” well I guess you’re right, I can’t see the harm in it , and maybe I can help you out too. but we need a few ground rules here”. I said ” o.k. like what?”. Tina said” well I don’t think we should have penatrating sex, I think that would cause problems, but helping each other out any other way is cool with me”. I said” I agree with that, and I’ll say this now anytime you want to use me that way just do it, no need to ask, or worry what I’ll think. I’ll be thinking I hope you have a great one.” Tina smiled and said” glad to hear that cause I really need it bad!!! and it’ll be really cool getting off and crushing your head at the same time”.

We got up and went into the livingroom got some more beer and some cold pizza. We sat down and talked mostly about the trampling she just gave me. It was now 1:00 am and i said” good thing it’s sunday and we don’t have to get up in the morning”. Tina said” no nothing to do tommorow, guess I could just stay here all day and trample you into the floor!!!”. I said ” well we’ll have to see about that, besides you’re not heavy enough to do that”. She said ” well maybe I’ll have to get some help, I think Cindy would do it”.

I said ” wait a minute Cindy is a big girl!”. Tina said” you’re not scared of two girls are you?” I said” no I’m not, we’ll have to see besides you don’t even know if she would”. She said” Cindy will, I know it she says she still does it to her brother”. i said “well maybe, but not tomorrow , maybe some other time “. Tina said” well you look rested up enough, go back in the bedroom and assume your position and I’ll be there in a minute. I was on my back on the bed ,Tina had turned the stereo on and turned the living room speakers off(there are two speakers in the bedroom). She put on a soft rock station, she came in and said” some music to flatten you by”.

Tina said” you know I’ve got a pretty good buzz going , I had 5-6 beers tonight, you may be in trouble!” I’d noticed she was buzzed she always get’s that I’m bad attitude. She climbed up and was standing on my chest looking down on me and said” it’s now 1:15 AM on that clock I’m going to trample you, crush you , smother you, squash your dick really good and anything else I can think of until… well until when ever I feel like it, then we’ll be done for the night.. I think. but first I got to take these damn sweat pants off, my legs got to hot before.” It didn’t surprise me that she did that, if she stays overnight in the summer she parades around in her panties in front of me.

She shed them off to reveal a pair of silk lace panties(blue), that fit her petite little ass perfectly. Tina said” do you like these brushing her panties”. I said “yes they’re very nice”. She said” you’ll be getting a closer look at them shortly “. the next thing I know there are two soft size 7 feet planted on my face, and she was swaying side to side to the music, crushing my skull in the process. she stayed there for 2 songs, until a fast song came on and she began gently bouncing up and down on my chest and stomach . Tina paid very little attention to me during her dancing about on me, she kept this up for a couple songs, then set her sights on her proclaimed target, my groin.

She face me and smiled at me as she stepped back putting her feet side by side on top my groin. she just stood still swaying her hips letting her 117 lbs (53 kg) shift back and forth flattening my cock and balls. The pressure was awesome I hoped she’d stay there all night. I was mesmerized by her swaying in those blue panties, I couldn’t wait till they were planted on my face. Two slow songs had played and she kept swaying to the music and squashing me good. Then a commercial came on and she began marching in place trampling my groin beneath her feet.

She marched up my body an right back up on my face, but this time she actually marched in place on my face! It was great seeing those lovely size 7’s rise and fall onto my upturned face, but it was also pretty painful. she moved back to my chest after 2-3 mins of that. Tina plopped her ass down and was on my face in seconds. Those silk panties felt so smooth If I’d died right there I’d have died a happy man.

I began rubbing the inside of her thighs gently stroking them. she was sitting motionless just letting her weight sink onto my face. Then she began to wiggle and grind her ass into my face, gently. I was getting very little air at all but enough to keep from tapping for some. I did tap after a few mins. just to make sure she’d give me some if I did need it, she raised up not fully off, just enough to let me take a full breath. she kept up her wiggle and grind and was now raising up on her own to let me breath, and she wasn’t missing a beat. She was picking up the pace a bit and it was now more of a bounce and grind.

Tina was really smothering me good, if she kept giving me those shots of air, I’d be happy to be her toy all night. She was now really riding me hard now, my nose was buried in her snatch and finally she tensed up and I felt the juices flow. Tina collapsed on my face holding me there as she rested . She was really smothering now I wasn’t getting any air. I tapped her leg she raised all the way off my face I got 3-4 good deep breaths. Then she collapsed back onto my face hard. I thought she was going to get off and rest, but I guess she was going to rest right there, which meant I get no rest! I love her for that. She was punishing me good.

I tapped her 10-12 more times for air, which she gave me at her leisure. Tina finally must have gotten her strength back . She rolled off my face and was back on her feet and ontop me quickly. She was on a mission now , she was bouncing all over me to the music. I was totally drained, I had no idea how long it had been and really didn’t care. Tina moved back to my face this time she put one foot on my forehead and the other across my mouth. This time she just stood still for what seemed like forever. She moved back to my chest and stood there glaring down at me , trying to see how I was doing.

She walked back down my body avoiding my groin and sat down on my thighs. Tina grabbed my sweats and underwear and slid them down, exposing my semi-hard , red and sore cock and said” looks a little red, o.k. you have two choices. I can return the favor and give you a little head or I can finish these boys off like I said I was going to do!!”. I knew she enjoyed trampling the”boys” so all I could mutter was” is that all you got, what a wussy”. Big mistake, she glared at me and said” WELL YOU’RE SO GOING TO REGRET THAT!!!!”.

She pulled my sweats down to my ankles,and was standing on the “boys” in a flash . those bare feet on my cock felt like heaven the were so soft. And then all hell broke loose. Tina began marching heavily in place, pounding her feet down on my groin non-stop for a good 5 mins. Then she turned sideway and placed both feet across my shaft, concentrating her 117 lbs (53 kg) there. She looked at me and said ” I like it better this way, I can see what I’m crushing”. Tina turned back around facing me put her feet together on the”boys” and started bouncing her weight up and down. I was almost tearing the sheets off the bed, I was in so much pain but I had to hold out as long as I could.

She stopped bouncing and placed her left foot on top my cock and raised her right foot in the air. It was intense 117 lbs of blonde beauty concentrated on that one size 7 on top my cock. It was too much for me, I muttered” I give up”. Tina looked down at me and said” NOT YET YOU DON’T!!” Then she walked up me and sat back down on my face and smothered me worse than she ever did before. I knew not even to tap for air ,I’d get some when she decided. I don’t remember much after that, I know I didn’t pass out.

In the morning Tina told me she smothered me for another 1/2 hour, and had another orgasm. She also gave me an awsome footjob in the morning. She said it was to make up for being so rough on me. I told her I loved ever minute of it and she wasn’t too rough. We spent many saturday nights like that one over the next two years but then I had to move away for work. I visit her when I can once a year if I’m lucky….

Tina did end up bringing Cindy over one Saturday night.

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