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My ex-wife had these pair of LA Gears high tops. She wore them all the time.  She did aerobics in them, out and about all day, everything. Sometimes without socks. Man they smelled to high heavens, believe me.

One time she went shopping all day from early in the morning until around 6:00pm.  After that, without changing or showering, we went out to get some beers and food. We got back home around 9:00pm and she took off her high tops.  And this was one of the days that she didn’t wear any socks.  The foul odor just filled the room.  I got so turned on.

It was my time now!  If she was in a good mood she’d sometimes indulge my fetish.  And since it had been such a nice day together, she let me have a foot smelling sex-combo.   She put those hot-ass feet right on my face. I was overcome by her foot stench.   Seriously, her feet smelled like rancid ammonia.  What a gift ! I came within seconds, but she continued have her feet planted on my face.  My face was melting under her hot feet.

We divorced 4 years ago.  I don’t really miss her anymore but I do still think about her feet !   I’ve had a couple of girlfriends who had smelly feet but not nearly as wretched as my ex’s feet.  I still have a pair of her black high heels.  You won’t believe it but they still have her stinky foot scent after four years!

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2 thoughts on “Ex-wife had stinky feet 1 min read

  1. site admin here

    I know lots of people aren’t into foot smelling (I’m not at all). But there are a large number of foot smelling devotees that exist in the world and our site likes to provide occasional entertainment for them as well. We’re just trying to service all members of the foot community, broadly conceived. So please don’t harshly judge these smelly stories if it’s not your favorite. We’re just trying to provide a little fun for everybody.


  2. I know just how you feel. I don’t miss my ex at all but damn, sometimes I miss her feet. She’s a small woman, about 5’2” and 110 lbs, with size 6 feet but they can really stink! She had one pair of old, brown leather boots that she wore too often because they were comfortable and still looked good. A few times she wore them with stockings to trade shows where she’d be out of the house from 6:00 am until 8:00 pm, and would be on her feet for a good 12 of those hours. I’d offer to take care of her feet, and when she was in the mood she’d sit on my stomach, I’d pull off her boots, and she’d rest her wet, stocking feet on my face and push down to use my cheek bones as kind of acupressure. It was amazing.

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