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During my school time I wasn’t that much interested in feet and heels. My history teacher was a beautiful young women.  She was 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 m) I guess so she always wear high heels – mostly wedge heels.

On that day she was teaching us some lessons when suddenly a girl shrieked out loud.  The teacher asked what’s the matter and she pointed at a scorpion under her desk. As I was a brave one I took the scorpion with a stick and got it out of the class onto the playground. The teacher followed me and the rest of them stayed behind.

I put down the scorpion and waited for him to go away but my teacher stopped me saying if we let him go he might sting someone coming here for recess.  Small children play in recess and it was risky.

In a serious tone she said we have to kill him. This made me sad as I don’t like or want to kill small creatures so I asked how (I thought she might ask me to fetch a big rock and crush it underneath ).  But she did something I couldn’t believe. She told me to hold the sting of the scorpion with stick and she’s going to crush him under her heels.

I couldn’t believe what she said.  But as she ordered I bent with the stick  and I hold his sting to the ground as I saw my teacher take her position. She slowly stepped on the intruder.  I saw the intruder under her sexy heel sole and then she shifted her weight to one heel.  And a big CRUNCH.  I saw the creature getting crushed under her foot.  She then begin to twist her heels, further grinding it into paste.

I was shocked but her expressions was like she had a pleasure doing it. At last she stopped and said “Wow” smiling at me. She lifted her heel and the  crushed creature was stuck to her heel sole.  I looked at her beautiful wedges and there was the creature ground into thin paste.

Then she told me that it might hurt a little and lifted her heel and planted on my foot and started to twist.  All my toes were crushed under her heel weight.  It was a bit painful but she kept rubbing her heels sole on my shoes.
Due to her grinding the scorpion paste was off her heels into my shoes.

I quickly brushed it off. She thanked me smiling and asked “does it hurt?” I politely said “I can do this for you”and smile back (I still don’t know why I said that).  We came back to the classroom and she begin teaching again.  I was looking at the fresh heel marks on my shoes for the rest of the day.

That’s the first story of my relation with my history teacher and her heels  It’s just the beginning . . .

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