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Question: Ladies, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever stepped on in heels?

Answer: Michelle & I can answer that one, it’s a shoe salesman’s finger!

Michelle P. (who works here with me) told me last Friday at lunch about a salesman she discovered in the women’s shoe department at Dillard’s who is twisted. Michelle says he gets his jollies by having attractive women squash his fingers while they’re trying on high heels. His trick is he’ll ask you to stand while he’s fitting you and slips his pinky finger under the tip of your heel just as you start to stand down on it. Michelle says if you cooperate and really step on him, he’ll let you have the shoes “at cost” and sometimes a lot less.

Well you know me. Little old Gina would dance barefoot on a bed of hot coals for a shoe sale. Remember too, I grew up with 3 brothers. I can be sadistic. A kinky salesman willing to sell me high heels at wholesale in exchange for me just stepping on his finger better have the Band-Aid box ready. I was so giddy that afternoon I couldn’t concentrate on work. I couldn’t wait to try it, but was still afraid to go alone and so talked Michelle into going with me after work. Oh my God you guys, he does it all right! Michelle and I both squashed the living shit out of him with all of our weight. I let him feel my 110 pounds with the heel of a $125 pair of Ferragamo (to die for) Italian leather pumps. “My price” for those gorgeous shoes was 34.95! I was so happy I nearly pee’d my pants! Then Michelle nailed him with her 132 pounds (60 kg) in a sexy-looking pair of 4″ (10 cm) narrow heeled black suede ankle boots just for the hell of trying them on, with no intention of buying them. Michelle is one brutal bitch. She stood on him for a good two minutes and you could see by the flushed look on his face that she was really hurting him. I’m not sure which of us did it, but when Michelle finally got off of him you could see his finger was really red and bruised.

As we were leaving the mall I told Michelle I thought the guy had a very nice personality and was kind of cute and I was actually starting to feel bad about hurting him. Michelle said, “Screw him! Gina, the guy wanted you to step on him! Besides, I’m a regular customer. He probably gets an erection as soon as he sees me come into his department because he knows I’m a sure thing. I’ve squashed him at least a dozen times and have a closet full of Dillard’s best shoes to show for it.  Any guy stupid enough to slip his finger under me when I’m in heels is going to feel what high heels are all about. I’ll step on him in a heartbeat and make sure he feels *ALL* my weight.”

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