The origination of my foot fetish 5 min read

written by Matador
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When I was 8 years old my parents wanted to travel to somewhere.  Since it was exam’s season, they had no choice but asking my uncle’s wife ( her name is Leila) to take care of me for several days.

My uncle works in a car factory, and he works from 7 a.m to 7 p.m, so , decision to accept my responsibility was his wife’s choice and unluckily she accepted. I use “unluckily” just because this changed my life in an unusual way.

I went to their house and my mother told my uncle’s wife to take care of me well. And Leila promised to take care of me well. That time I really loved Leila, she was kind and cute and always well behaved , but I had no idea about her other faces .

On the first day, she prepared my lunch and I ate a little bit and left most of my food . Then I started to nag that I didn’t like the food because it had too much onion in it , and I detest onion. She smiled and brought me some bread and jam and told me to eat. I started eating and after I was done , I went to living room and I saw Leila watching her favorite Tv program, I started to yell that I’d like to watch cartoon and I took remote control without permission and changed the channel. I can say this totally made Leila frustrated, but she didn’t say anything that moment.

The next day again I nagged about onions in my food and this time Leila slapped me in the face angrily and told me eat or else . When I wanted to go away I accidentally spilled food all over floor. This was the moment my fetish story began.

Leila took my head and made me kneel and ordered me to lick the food on the floor , after I disobeyed Leila slapped me again and dropped me on the floor and started to trample my face with her black flat shoes. The pressure was crushing my skull. I can say that time Leila was 130 Lb and she was heavy enough to crush me like a little insect. Sadly I was just 8 years old and couldn’t resist much .

She trampled my face for 4 or 5 minutes and she flipped me and put her right foot on my neck and made wipe entire food on the floor with my tongue.

She told me she is going to do it to me every day and if I tell my parents even a single word , she will kill me and since I was a kid , I believed what she said.

After some hours she called me loudly and she ordered me to sit in front of sofa so she could use me as her footstool while watching tv.

After she was done watching she kicked me in my side and dropped me on floor and started to trample my back. With her first pressure my back cracked . She trampled my back with one foot for some seconds and then she stood on me full weight. Dude , I was about to die , I couldn’t breathe and my back was collapsing. 130 lb was crushing me .

“This is where a rude kid belongs.” , she said while bouncing on my back. I was begging her to stop but she was trampling me just like I was a piece of carpet.

After she gave me a hell of back trampling, she left me on the floor and went to kitchen to do the laundry and since I had no energy after being trampled for several minutes. I fell asleep on my position.

It was afternoon when I felt a massive pain on my belly . That’s right. It was Leila stomping my belly . I shouted: ” Leila please stop .” She said okay and then she started to trample my chest. Which was worse than getting stomped.

She went to the kitchen and took a piece of cake and dropped it on the floor and then she went to the shoe case and took a pair of high heel pumps. She began crushing cake on floor and forced me to lick it off her shoes .

Tomorrow morning my mother called Leila that she is coming there to get me back to our house. I was happy, my hardship was over and there was a smile on my face . As Leila saw me smiling , she said : ” let me wipe that smile off of your face before leaving .”

She wore a pair of black high heel boots and trample my head for some minutes. I was seeing stars because of Pressure. Her right foot was on my head ( the sole on my ears and heel on my cheek) and she was applying all her weight on her right foot. But she didn’t take the risk to stand on my head full weight coz she was afraid of my head getting popped by her weight. She stepped off my head and laughed.

She put her right booted foot on my throat and threatened me if you tell anybody, I will trample you to death next time.

This was the beginning of my fetish and coz she was a gorgeous woman and I was sexually aroused for the first time , and my first time sadly happened in an unusual way ( trampling ) . I’m in it since then and I sometimes suffer my fetish.

I can’t say I’m happy about my fetish, but what’s done is done. Foot fetishists are not freaks.  We have to live this way , and I hope people understand us one day and help us live a better life .

If there is anyone here who wants to chat about our fetishes or trampling memories , just comment your email below my post so we can contact each other.

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6 thoughts on “The origination of my foot fetish 5 min read

  1. Well, it isn’t very easy with the babysitter way. I want to know more about this trampling fetish. I have in my mind that trampling fetish is not always a sexual thing. It`s just more in the depth. We need to be honest about it.

  2. Hello I’m like you when I was little (6 years old), with my aunt we played fight. Every time I was on the floor she put her foot on my chest. At 12 I managed to convince another aunt to completely trample me. Already at that age I was very resistant. Today I still want to be crushed. but I learned to live with I have been married for 15 years and have 3 children.

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