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True Story

As my wife and I were taking our midnight walk we decided to change our normal routine of walking up to the university and back. We decided to take and alternate route which would take us through the park. We normally didn’t like to take this route because it was not that well lit but we were feeling adventurous. My wife is very good about my trample fetish and tramples me regularly when she comes home from work with her high heels.

As we were walking along the path we passed quite a few couples out on there nightly walks as well. In the darkness ahead I noticed that there was a bridge that we had to cross to get over a small ditch that was in the way of the path. I mentioned to her that it would be great to stick my fingers between the wood in the bridge and feel the weight of women that walked over them. She said to me that I should go under and she would step on me fingers.

As there were other people around I felt kind of silly but she egged me on to go under after they left. The bridge itself was not too big but it was dark enough so no one saw me under there. As I got under the bridge it was a little low so I had to bend my knees a little to fit. I stuck my fingers through where my wife was standing and she pretended to walk across and stepped directly on them. My fingers bent forward and I felt her weight stepping across. It felt okay but I didn’t get the normal feeling you get when a woman is about to step on you. She stepped on me a little more but because she was wearing running shoes the crush on my fingers was not that severe. I came up from under the bridge and we continued on our walk. I told her how I didn’t get the normal feeling I get when I don’t know what she is going to do to me underfoot. She said that I should come back tomorrow with her and get under the bridge and let other women walk on me. I told her that I wouldn’t want to have men step on me though. She said that she would take care of it and we walked home and made love.

Saturday morning came and she went out shopping like she usually does for groceries and other things. When she came back she had the grocery bags and a few other ones from different stores. She unpacked the groceries and told me to go the living room because she had a surprise for me. I went and she came in with a bag with a parcel in it. She opened it and told me that I was going to get the trample of a lifetime. I could not believe what I saw. It was a remote radio transmitter with an earpiece. She said that I was worried about getting stepped on by men so she was going to tell me over the transmitter. I could not believe it and started to get turned on. I got on the
ground and she rubbed her feet all over my face for the next half hour or so.

That night we brought the radio equipment and went on our walk. We came to the bridge and there was two women standing on the bridge and talking. My wife stopped me and said to sneak up from the side while she waited on the bench to get under the bridge. I snuck under the bridge and positioned myself near the women. I put my fingers up through the wooden bridge and waited. Nothing happened for a good five minutes but I could hear that they were taking about how one of the woman suspected her boyfriend of cheating on her. I moved my fingers closer then I heard my wife in the earpiece receiver. She started to talk dirty to me and I sort of forgot
about the women until I felt a tremendous crush on the end of my pinky finger. This lady must have been wearing some type of hard dress shoe because I was in pain. I tried to pull my fingers down but I couldn’t move them. She just stood on it. I could feel her shifting her weight and then I felt the worst crush I had ever experienced in my life. She tilted her sole up and positioned all of her weight on her heel. She started twisting her heel on my finger and I almost screamed out. Then I felt her other foot step back onto my other three fingers as she tilted up onto both shoes. She continued to tilt her shoes up on her heels and then back flat on the ground. This went on for
about 6-7 minutes. The weight was not as bad as it was on my pinky but it hurt a lot. I lost the feeling in my pinky and slowly lost the feeling in the area on my finger where she was standing. My wife told me later that she could see her tilting up and down on her heels while leaning up against the guard rail and wondered if I had my fingers under her hard soled shoes. I then felt nothing as they walked away. I pulled my fingers through the wood slates and looked at how deformed they were. No one else was around and my wife came onto the bridge and asked if I was okay. I got out from under the bridge and told her that I never felt that much pain in my entire life. She told me that I still owed her and told me to get under the bridge. She said she was going to sit on the bench near the bridge again and told me to listen in the earpiece. I was still in so much pain that I took my time. I stuck fingers from both hands through and I heard her say that there was a couple coming up and that the girl was on the right side. I moved to that side, heard them go over the bridge, and felt nothing as they passed. Another couple came by and she told me to move the left side. I didn’t feel anything as they walked by though. This continued for over an hour and I didn’t get even the touch of a foot. I came out from under the bridge and we went home. I told her on the way home that I didn’t even get a bite of shoe.

The next day in the afternoon we were talking and I saw her get that look on her face that I usually see when she is going to trample me. She went into the garage and came back with a duffle bag full of things. I was really starting to wonder what she was up to. I asked her but she wouldn’t tell me. We had dinner and started on our walk as it was getting dark. She had a duffle bag with some things in it but she would not tell me what was in there. We got to the bridge and noticed that there was no one around. She started to saw a circle out of the bridge with my jig saw and told me to get under. I grabbed the wood as it feel through. She came under the bridge the told me to stick my face through the hole. I looked at her with concern and worry. She told me that if I didn’t, I would never smell her feet again. I stuck it through and she went on top and stepped on my face for a bit. She must have heard people coming because she came under rather quickly. She told me not to move because there was women coming. I waited and got the feeling that you get when you are going to get trample unknowingly. I waited as the women came over. One of the woman was wearing running shoes and the other was wearing flats. The woman in running shoes brushed my nose with her shoe as they passed over. I started to feel my legs get really weak and shaking. They passed by and my wife told me to move. She told me to go and see if anyone was coming. I went up and looked, didn’t hear anyone, and told her that no one was coming. When I came down she had brought out of the duffle bag a piece of 2 x 6 wood probably 10 inches long which she screwed into the underside of the bridge. She put the piece of wood from the bridge back in place and swung the 2 x 6 piece of wood under it to hold the bridge wood in place. She climbed up on top of the bridge and tested it to see if it would hold her weight. It did and she came back down. She got the radio transmitters out of her bag and I placed the earpiece in my ear. She packed up the tools and told me to have fun. She went to the bench to tell me who was coming. She said that there was a bunch of guys coming and to get up here to be by her side. I come out and we talked for a bit as they passed. I climbed  down under and we went about our business. She said to place my head through the hole. I slid the wood out of the way and brought the piece of cut bridge out of the way. I heard her say that there was three women walking together and that I was going to get crushed. What could she have meant, I thought to myself. I got the quivering feeling I had gotten before and heard the women come onto the bridge. I looked up and noticed that they were wearing hard soled shoes for walking. Since I was positioned in the middle of the bridge, I looked up to see her foot come right down on my nose. I felt a crack as her full weight came down. I then heard the lady say that she just stepped on something.. Since it was so dark they couldn’t really see that well. She turned around quickly to look but continued on. I have had my nose broken before so it was no big deal, but I did have blood coming out of it. I placed the wood back in place and went to my wife. I told her what had happened and she said that I should get some face paint for the next time. She said not to worry, that we would get some tomorrow but to get under the bridge because from a distance we could see more women out for a walk. I got under and positioned myself. I heard the clicking of heels and then heard my wife telling me to be careful because one of them was wearing low heeled shoes. I heard them come but chickened out at the last minute because I was afraid of losing my eyesight. As they crossed I held the piece of wood in place as the woman crossed. If I had kept my face there she would have stepped directly on my face. A little scary for me though. I went to my wife and told I was not going to do it anymore until I took proper precautions. She agreed and we went home.

The next day my wife went to the store to get some safety glasses and face paint.  That night we both went under the bridge and she painted my face black and I put the safety glasses on. She wanted to test the glasses with her high heels that she brought so I got into position and she went on top of the bridge. She slowly pressed against my face with her heel on the glasses and continued until her full weight was over my eye. The pain of her stepping on the glasses around my eyes was intense but was bearable. I told her it was okay and she twisted on my face and then stepped off. That hurt but I was okay. She took he position on the bench and I listened to her talk
dirty to me. It took about ten minutes before anyone came. A girl was riding her bike on the path and she told me to hold still. The girl came over the bridge on her bike and caught the edge of my face with her tires. I was not expecting that as I heard my wife laugh out loud. I didn’t really feel any pain as she rode over so I was not to mad. I heard her say that there was a group of guys and there wives and then there was another group of four women behind them about 50ft back. I put the wood back, waited for them to pass and then stuck my face through and waited for the group of ladies to walk over me. Two of the ladies went behind the other two as they came onto the bridge. I heard one of the ladies stop and started saying that they should have a cigarette. They all agreed and stopped on top of the bridge right above me. I was thankful that not one of them was standing on my face. I looked around and noticed that two of them were wearing running shoes and two of the were wearing flats with hard leather soles. I was worrying so much that I would get my face deformed by there feet. My legs were shaking uncontrollably. I made sure I didn’t make a sound. I then felt the toe end of one of the ladies running shoes brush up on top of my forehead. She was tapping her foot for a couple of minutes on my forehead. I then felt her full weight step on top of my face as she twisted her foot and stepped forward. I then heard my wife telling me that I was going to get crushed and then I heard her snicker in the earpiece. I then heard her in her high heels coming toward the bridge. I knew I was in for it. She stopped directly on top of my face and started talking to the ladies. She knew exactly where to step and I felt her heel on my forehead. The pain was so intense that started to weaken in the legs. My head started to shake from the weight concentrated on my forehead then and she stepped off and put her sole on my nose. My legs were shaking so badly I thought I was going to faint. She wanted me to scream I’m sure but I held my own somehow. The ladies then left and my wife spun on my face with her sole and then kicked at my face with the pointed toe of her shoe. I think I came in my pants because I felt great. She mentioned that there was a group of people coming and to hold still. She stood on top of the bridge waiting for them to come. She said quietly when she saw them that there was three women and a guy. I started to hear the clicking of high heels and the feeling came back again. She mentioned latter that they looked like they were going to a formal event because the guy was in a tuxedo and the girls had on dresses and heels. My wife positioned herself away from me but in a position that the group would have to go single file over my face. They came up the three girls first and then the guy. The first girl walked over and missed my face with her feet but I did feel the wind against my face as she passed. The second lady stepped directly on my face. Her heel came down directly on my cheek bone and her sole on my forehead. I did feel her slip a little bit off my cheek and that hurt like hell and cut my face a little. She then stepped off and quickly afterwards the third lady stepped directly on my upper lip, chipped my tooth, and slipped off my upper lips to the side of my mouth. This was the worst trample that I have ever felt in my entire life. I was so scared. It was if she knew I was there and wanted to hurt me. She was wearing a black pair of heels with I guess a 3″ heel. Her sole came down directly on the safety glasses, she twisted her foot as she pushed her foot off. I could taste the blood in my mouth and started to swallow it. In great fashion my wife dropped her watch and got in the way of the third lady and the guy, so he had to step around her and missed me. What a gal. I told her that I was done for the night and that we she go home. I put the wood back together, cleaned up a little, and we went home.

(I can honestly say it was the scariest moment if my life). While I’m typing this my front tooth is chipped in the corner, my upper lip was actually split open and bled for an hour or so when we got home, my nose was broken, I had a swollen right eye, there was heel marks all over my face, and the area where the safety glasses hit my face left red marks around my eyes.  No pleasure without a little pain I guess (or even a lot !)

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